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Innovation and foresight, which have always been guiding principles of a company attentive to the market and its needs.

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From thirty years of experience in the field of design, construction, installation and maintenance of medium and large band saws, SOFINA S.r.l. has as its primary objective to perfect and enhance cutting-edge techniques, procedures and strategies, aimed at improving facilities and services.

Founded in 1984, it produces and distributes the SOFINA brand and, thanks to the determination of a close-knit team able to carry out its duties responsibly and in a transparent and positive environment, today represents an established and growing group.

Behind what seems like a small reality, there are the creativity, intuition and entrepreneurial vocation of the Testini family, firm in affections, able to stimulate team spirit and enhance the potential of its staff.

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Acquiring a new customer, keeping him and transforming him into a regular customer guaranteeing him constant care, means hitting the target.
From telephone assistance, to remote diagnostics, from preventive maintenance, to the optimization of the geometry of the machine, SOFINA guarantees the high performance of its products unchanged over time.
It also offers machine retrofitting services that help to improve their performance and adapt them to the needs of the current market.

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At the moment we do not have any used available. Contact us for information on second-hand machines.