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Commitment and quality of our solutions guarantee customers the performance of their products.

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Founded in 1984, it produces and distributes the SOFINA brand and, thanks to the determination of a close-knit team able to carry out its duties responsibly and in a transparent and positive environment, today represents an established and growing group.

Behind what seems like a small reality, there are the creativity, intuition and entrepreneurial vocation of the Testini family, able to stimulate team spirit and enhance the potential of its staff.

Built on the basis of the small business, the company is characterized by the excellent elasticity in the production of customized sawing machines, responding to the specific needs of the customer, and cutting systems for steel mills, tubing and steel mills in general; the passion and the desire to test itself by accepting orders of particular complexity, have allowed SOFINA to earn a distinctive market niche.

Quality and innovation

Our strength is today represented by an innovative system with one or more mobile portals, with a useful stroke at the customer's request and the possibility of cutting on a vertical and horizontal axis. This is made possible by the use of a special mechanical device of our own design, already successfully tested and tested.

The very robust structure, the use of the best components on the market, the application of high technology in cutting systems and the installation of electronic devices (numerical control) for automatic management, make SOFINA sawing machines particularly reliable and highly productive.

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