FIERAMILANO 5-9/10/2010
Metal forming and metal cutting machines, robots, automation and auziliart technologies.

STAND B26 - PAD. 18

Via Stelvio, 25
23020 Poggiridenti (SO) Italy
Tel. +39 0342 218266 ? 216419
Fax +39 0342 218266


The best point in our production is now the gantry model with
one or more arches and working stroke on demand.
It is designed for the horizontal and vertical cut, thanks to a
blade guide rotating 90°. It is possible to make a number of
cuts, even on different axes, with a single material positioning.

The utilization of the best component manufactures and of the
latest software systems and electronic devices for the automatic
management make the Sofina sawing machines particularly
safe and highly productive.